Four Harvests Four Stories, Zitore - Lecinaro Vertical Wine Tasting Italy

Palazzo Tronconi Tasting Rooms, Arce, Italy 

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Palazzo Tronconi wine tasting

A vertical wine tasting is a tasting of wines based on vintage years, it is conducted by tasting the same wine from the same winemaker. It really is a great way to experience how unique every year can be. We are able to see a subtle or dramatic change from year to year as well as getting a feel of a wineries varietal style and composition.

Not only is it about evolution of the wine in the bottle, as a winemaker it is about personal development, gaining new perspectives, a diary of how other factors could have affected the vintage. All interesting points of conversation.

Palazzo Tronconi, oenologist Marco Marrocco's - Wine Opera

Palazzo Tronconi, oenologist Marco Marrocco's - Wine Opera

Last night we tasted Palazzo Tronconi's Zitore, 2013, 2014, 2015. 2016. In 2014 we saw a year of heavy rainfall and floods, 2015 was a 'normal' season and we are able to taste the potential of the grape, Lecinaro. 

Zitore is our red wine of the lecinaro grape variety. Using the biodynamic approach, the vines are trained using the guyot pruning method. Aged in age old French oak barrels, Zitore is a cherry coloured wine, with an intense perfume of dried plums, surrounded by spicy notes of black pepper, chocolate and vanilla.

Palazzo Tronconi Zitore