Dionne Swift Stitch Workshop in Italy

Stitched Sketchbook with artist, Dionne Swift 5 Days

 21st May - 25th May 2018

4th October- 9th October 2018

€1250.00 all inclusive

(small group of 7 )

For me the processes of drawing and sewing are intertwined, but underpinned by observations and understandings of a place. Join me to develop your knowledge of this beautiful Italian location whilst deepening your appreciation of drawing techniques and indulging in a love of stitch. We will start by creating our own books and by overcoming the fear of working on a clean page! Each day I shall offer you a new focus and direction with intriguing exercises to push your creativity and explore your potential. All the ideas can all be easily adapted to working purely on paper if you don’t have a textile inclination...the choice is yours.
This is a week of creativity, Italian culture, food, wine and wonderment - I hope you can join me. 

What this exclusive holiday workshop includes...

Dionne swift summer school Italy
  • 5 days (4 nights) in our renovated 18th Century Boutique Hotel all inclusive of food and transfers.

  • Accommodation , generous breakfasts including home baked traditional pastries and fresh Italian coffee.

  • Lunches and Dinners at our own restaurant and hotel as well as hand picked restaurants ‘where the locals eat’

  • Expert tuition by Dionne Swift all materials for the workshop included. 

  • As part of a small group (maximum 7 people)  during this exclusive week, positive connections and friendships will be made, also no need to speak Italian to get the most from this experience!

  • Tour of the beautiful Palazzo Tronconi vineyard, winery followed by a wine tasting with owner and oenologist Marco Marrocco

  • Pizza Lesson with internationally renowned Pizza Master, he will be happy to share the secrets of preparing the best Italian pizza.

  •  Trip to Casamari Abbey 

  • Trip to the beautiful historic seaside town of Sperlonga 

  • For a small surcharge of €20 each way for a single collection and drop off at Ciampino airport. Or we are so close to Rome and Naples why not extend your stay?

Pasta Making Class in Italy

Touring around  Europe in their VW Camper Van Jack and Alex from Cambridge, England found their way to Palazzo Tronconi and embarked on a Pasta Making Class with our brilliant Pasta Chef Milly! This is what they had to say...

"Palazzo Tronconi as exclusive as it gets let the magic begin...."

We had expected to be thrown into the deep end; making our first fresh pasta through learning by mistakes. However, this was not to be the case as chef Milly masterfully demonstrated the correct technique for creating several delicious pasta dishes. When it came to our turn, we were surprised just how tough the pasta dough was to knead - chef Milly has muscles!!

The room was filled with animated cookery conversations from start to finish, it was a great atmosphere to be in the company of such a passionate chef. Enjoying the fruits of our labour with Palazzo Tronconi's own wine and sharing it all around together was a wonderful way to  finish to the evening. 

A thoroughly enjoyable experience leaving us with plenty of ideas for the future! 





Veraison and Harvesting Exciting Times at Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

The long days and nights of pruning, training, thinning as well as fulfilling our biodynamic promise to our land all becomes worthwhile. 
— Marco Marrocco, oenologist owner of Palazzo Tronconi
photos courtesy  Sarah Hoehn

photos courtesy Sarah Hoehn


These are exciting times in our vineyard, veraison is a French term that means the beginning of ripening, our red grapes begin to change colour from green to a deep purple and our white grapes change from green to golden globes of amber. Veraison signals the grape berries to become much more resistant to many grape diseases - a huge relief for us especially after losing a percentage of our crop this year to the worst frosts we have encountered Europe. The changing colour is also associated with the aroma change, and this in turn can attract grape eating pests such as the wild pigs who feasted on our grapes a couple of years ago! 


Most importantly veraision is the final stage in the growing process and signals that we have grapes to harvest and to make wine with! So all good. 

The long days and nights of pruning, training, thinning as well as fulfilling our biodynamic promise to our land all becomes worthwhile. 

So onto harvest, we have started taking juice samples from the grapes to analyse to see how the grapes are ripening and harvest of Malvasia Puntinata and Trebbiano could take place within two weeks. Friends families and some of our past guests at Palazzo Tronconi Hotel are invited back to to help with harvest. Sounds romantic but it's intense, hard work, all our grapes are handpicked and need to be picked quickly once they are fully ripe. 

It's a labour of love but so far it's been worth the blood sweat and tears! 


See you soon!



California Dreaming - Wine Tasting at Palazzo Tronconi Italy

Did someone say food wine and culture? Look no further, it was certainly on the menu for our Santa Barbara City College Guests

Wine Tasting Italy
wine tasting

Yesterday Palazzo Tronconi had the pleasure of hosting a young energetic group from The Santa Barbara City College, California, their course called 'Food and Culture in Italy's organised by Accent Rome Study Abroad.

Touring around Italy, part of their itinerary included a visit to Palazzo Tronconi's Demeter certified biodynamic Vineyard and new Winery where Marco, owner of Palazzo Tronconi discussed the wine making process. 

oak wine barrels italy
wine tasting

Back at Palazzo Tronconi Tasting Rooms the group eagerly tried our wines,  Fregellae 2014 and 2015, the different vintages were discussed as well as Zitore 2015, Mocevo 2015 and Laurie 2015 and not forgetting Augusto our new vermouth, refreshing, served with ice and a slice of orange.

wine tasting italy
Grilled egg plant

Served with the the wine was Grilled Egg plant and Zucchini from Palazzo Tronconi's biodynamic vegetable garden, Salami made from local wild black boar,  locally produced buffallo mozzarella and bruschetta drizzled with Palazzo Tronconi's Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Beekeeping in Italy

Life is Bee-utiful at Palazzo Tronconi, Italy

Conserving our Flora and Fauna 

bees in hive

Bees are essential to our eco system. They are responsible for almost a third of the food we eat. Their ecological and morphological characteristics make them valuable in the preservation of our environment. So, as a biodynamic winemaker obsessed with ecology and natural science when the beehives were introduced to Palazzo Tronconi on the 10th May 2017 we were all buzzing with excitement.

beekeeping Italy

Not only are we playing a small part in conserving our flora and fauna, we hope to produce  natural honey. We also intend to use the propolis that is produced in the hives for pharmaceutical purposes. The vineyards will also benefit as gradually we hope to abandon the use of copper and use a treatment of propolis instead.


For centuries beekeepers assumed that bees sealed the beehive with propolis to protect the colony from the elements, such as rain and winds. Only recently research has shown that bees not only survive, but also thrive, with increased ventilation during the winter. In fact propolis adds much more beneficial purpose to the hive, including prevention of diseases and parasites from entering the hive, also stopping fungal and bacterial growth. It has also been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years.

Our honey is almost ready, and after tasting natural acacia honey for the first time, I cannot wait….

Book a Beehive Demonstration and Wine Tour at Palazzo Tronconi For more info:


An evening of Jazz and Wine in Italy

Sit under the stars and listen to the hypnotic sounds of award winning trumpet player Luca Aquino

Sunday 2 July 2017, 18:30 at Palazzo Tronconi Winery €15

Based upon his recorded offerings to date, one might get the impression that Italian trumpeter Luca Aquino has legendary Italian explorers’ roots in his musical DNA. While Columbus, Vespucci and others took sail over uncharted waters, Aquino (which translates as “little water”) sets off yet again and delivers aural riches...
— All About Jazz
Jazz in Italy

Luca Aquino is an award winning trumpet player and composer. He is best known for his unique trumpet sound and for the use of natural reverberation in his music compositions. 

'Amal' is his new album was recorded at The at The Basalt amphitheatre of The Umm Qais archaeological site in Jordan. It was created as part of a global campaign to support the project UNESCO #Unite4Heritage, a musical enterprise to defend world heritage from extremism. A 4000km 'jazz' bike tour will create a trail of concerts and events from Benevento to Oslo. 

Working with some jazz greats to perform and produce some memorable albums, we are truly honoured that on this journey he will be joining us on the roof of our new eco winery at Palazzo Tronconi. 

For more details contact us




Learn how to Make the Best Pizza in Italy at Palazzo Tronconi

3 Day Pizza Class and Wine Tour and Tasting at Palazzo Tronconi, Arce

We invite you to enjoy a memorable 3 days with us and to experience the true flavours of Italy, to learn how to make the best authentic pizza using the finest ingredients with renowned Pizza Chef Giuseppe Marcuccilli. Enjoy our natural wines, Marco Marroco, oenologist will take you on personal wine tour of our vineyard and our eco winery where you will be able to taste the biodynamic wines we produce.

3 Day package from €584

What this includes:

  • 3 days (2 nights) in our renovated 18th century boutique hotel.

  • Generous breakfasts including home baked traditional pastries and fine coffee.

  • Learn to Make the best Pizza in Italy. Giuseppe Marcuccilli, pizza master will be happy to share the secrets of preparing best italian pizza in the kitchen of Palazzo Tronconi. 

  • A Trip to Casa Lawrence. A beautiful Victorian Villa, once the home of a well known artist”s model and named after its famous visitor, DH Lawrence, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

  • Wine tasting and tour of Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard and Winery, personalised wine tour with oenologist, Marco, the owner of Palazzo Tronconi

  • Eat al'fresco at our local restaurant with breathtaking views.




Biodynamic Wine Tour at an Eco Winery In Italy For The Conscious Wine Lover

When an Eco Winery meets Biodynamic Winemaking Traditions

eco winery italy

At Palazzo Tronconi, we are committed to maintaining the biological integrity of our vineyards, we feel by following the biodynamic principles we maintain a balanced ecosystem, caring for the soil and native wildlife. In doing so we hope that our wines truly represent the soil and the climate in which our grapes our cultivated. 

With this in mind, when we commenced work on our new winery last year, we wanted to create a modern structure whilst remaining true to the ethos of biodynamic agriculture.

eco winery italy
wine tour italy

We wanted the new winery to have a strong relationship with the natural landscape. A holistic, eco approach in the design and implementation was required throughout the whole building process.

For us, it was important to create a contemporary winery, using innovative design and renewable materials. Adding energy efficient technology, including solar panels on the roof to help lower the carbon footprint of the building.

We sourced durable European oak that is responsibly grown but that also carries many natural benefits, including natural preservatives which protect against rot.

eco winery tour italy

With  stunning surroundings and mountain views, our winery is almost complete, we are counting the days and we look forward to welcoming you here to experience our wines..

eco winery italy

Art, Painting and Drawing Holiday in Italy

Sketching in Italy with Christian Mizon at Palazzo Tronconi, Arce, Lazio


We are really excited to have London based artist join us at Palazzo Tronconi, Christian is a Fine Art Restorer and Tutor and has taught at The Victoria and Albert Museum London and The Tower of London.

 Christian will teach you how to sketch with ease the human figure and the beautiful medieval buildings and landscapes of Lazio.  Our unique drawing holiday allows you to be inspired by the most beautiful of landscapes. Working in small groups, you will be guided through all aspects of sketching, including pencils and pastels. 

We will take you to hand picked places of interest and beauty where you will be able create your own visual diary whilst experiencing biodynamic wine, food and culture from this beautiful region.

€1200/person, including a personalised Palazzo Tronconi Sketch Book and all materials


The Artists Package €1200/person maximum 7 persons

Staying for 5 days (4 nights) in our 18th Century Boutique Hotel

see below for availability


26th June - 30th June - SORRY SOLD OUT

3rd July - 7th July - Spaces available ENQUIRE

17th July - 21st July - Spaces available ENQUIRE

24th - 28th July - Limited spaces be quick! ENQUIRE

31st July - 4th August - Limited Spaces be quick! ENQUIRE

7th - 11th August - Limited Spaces be quick! ENQUIRE

Generous breakfasts including home baked traditional pastries and Italian coffee.


  • You will be collected from Rome Fiumicino Airport and driven to Palazzo Tronconi, Arce, where you will unpack and relax followed by..

  • A Tour of our own Vineyard, Winery and Tasting Rooms with a light lunch of locally produced organic food.

  • With a sketchbook in hand, discover the beautiful medieval town of Arce. (for later arrival schedule may change)


  • Time to relax, and freshen up before an evening meal at our favourite traditional Italian Restaurant with stunning views


  • Casa Lawrence, sketch this beautiful Victorian Villa, once the home of a well known artists model who was painted by Sir Frederic Leighton. The villa is named after its famous visitor, DH Lawrence, who completed his novel ‘The Lost Girl’ here. As Lawrence found his inspiration here, with the breathtaking views, you will too!

  • Organic Lunch at Casa Lawrence*


  • Relax and down time.

  • Enjoy a Pizza Lesson with Pizza master Giuseppe Marcuccilli, he will be happy to share the secrets of preparing the best Italian pizza in the kitchen of Palazzo Tronconi


  • Pack your beach bag! We will take you to the Ancient fishing village of Sperlonga, with stunning views over the azure blue Tyrrhenian sea. Voted as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, the old town is full of charm of whitewashed houses.  We will sketch the ruins of the grotto of Tiberius. At the Archeological museum of Sperlonga, capture the roman rule and sketch marble sculptures.


  • Staying in Sperlonga, enjoy an evening meal at our favourite restaurant overlooking the sea.*


  • A trip to Casamari Abbey, using mixed media, step back in time and sketch your surroundings to the mesmerizing sounds of gregorian chants in this gothic abbey. In it's simplicity the Abbey is a beautiful sight. Delicate columns, vaulted ceilings and a pretty cloistered courtyard.

  • Lunch at a local restaurant*

  • Life drawing with a glass of wine and nibbles at Palazzo Tronconi


  • Relax and down time.

  • Celebrate your stay with us and a enjoy a freshly prepared last night meal in the dining room of Palazzo Tronconi, a great social atmosphere of sharing tales of your week and looking at the work you produced.


  • DAY 5

  • Life Drawing  at Palazzo Tronconi (depending on departure time)

  • Followed by lunch at Palazzo Tronconi

  • Depart for Rome. We hope you have a lovely stay with us!

* not included in package price

Depending on arrival and departure times Day 1 and 5 are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate lunch at no extra cost.

Schedule times are approximate and may be subject to change.