Pastry Courses at Palazzo Tronconi in association with Polselli

Fancy your chances as a Master Chocolatier?

polselli chefs

For almost a century Polselli have been using the finest grain to produce arguably the best flour in the world. We are so fortunate to have three chefs from the Polselli Institute instruct our cookery classes using trade secrets to produce the most amazing results in our kitchen. From fine pastries, breads, to melt in your mouth pizzas! 

Tonight our first pastry class of the season starts with pastry chef Gino Diana. 

Lesson one is Chocolate, if you fancy your chances as a master chocolatier, he will  guide you through the process of tempering chocolate to create the perfect cake decoration. 

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Palazzo Tronconi's First Biodynamic Sparkling Wine


It seemed fitting that we should name our first sparkling wine 'Ancestrale' after the oldest natural method of sparkling wine production.

Sparkling wine was first produced using this ancient method almost 400 years ago by monks in the monastery of Sainte Hilaire in France. 

It is a technique that is very difficult to control and requires great skill to produce but at Palazzo Tronconi we are hoping for a very unique, natural aromatic wine. 


For the base wine we chose our unknown grape variety 'pampanaro', the hand picked grapes were harvested earlier than normal to preserve acidity. Part of the must was taken and refrigerated for six months. The remainder was left to complete the wine making process. 

In March we blended the two together here at our winery in Arce,  we bottled on the same day allowing the fermentation process to commence, trapping the CO2 in the bottle. 

Unlike other wine and champagne making methods, no sulphites, yeasts and sugars are added to the secondary fermentation. Using the ancestral method fermentation occurs in the bottle using up much of the remaining natural sugar and yeasts to produce a fresh, dryish and delicious biodynamic sparkling wine. 

We are hoping Ancestrale will be available in October to toast our 2017 harvest. In the meantime we have to allow nature to take it's course.