Italy’s Fiat 500

The World’s Most Charming Car

Fiat 500c in Palazzo Tronconi’s courtyard photo by  Lynette Michael

Fiat 500c in Palazzo Tronconi’s courtyard photo by Lynette Michael

In 1955, in the park of the Stupinigi Royal Hunting Lodge, just outside of Torino, Dante Giacosa unveiled an entire range of new Fiat models in plain view.  Among them was what would become a cult classic and national hero—the Fiat 500.  

The car was marketed as ‘The Second Best Shape in Italy’ and was only to be rivalled by the likes of Loren and Lollobrigida. The first Fiat 500 posters read, “If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched.” 


The 500’s fuel efficiency and chic Italian styling made the car desirable. The whole world wanted it. Full of personality from the the painted pressed metal wheels to its beautifully rounded lines, canvas roof, and recessed headlights, its design won Dante Giacosa the prestigious Golden Compass award in 1959.  

A little car that had a huge impact on the daily life of an entire generation, the Fiat 500 was about confidence and freedom.  It played a major role in bringing hope to war-torn Italy.  It meant access to better jobs, broader horizons, and a new life.  It made a promise of better times and it delivered


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Top Rome restaurants for Wine Lovers as Chosen By Decanter

Top spots to eat and drink like the locals in Italy’s capital


We were delighted to read this article in September’s issue of Decanter, it’s a great list and you are able to try our Biodynamic Wines in three of the top bars listed, Enoteca Trimani, Rimessa Roscioli and Armando al Pantheon

Enoteca Trimani

Enoteca Trimani

Enoteca Trimani

The Trimani family runs Rome’s oldest wine shop with more than 6,000 labels, including many artisan and natural – and also produces wine from its own estate in Lazio. The multi-generational business began in 1821 and moved to its present location on the corner of Via Goito in 1876. Next door, in what was Rome’s first wine bar, Carla Trimani cooks delicious local dishes and serves artisan salumi and cheeses to accompany the exciting wine list.


Roscioli Rome

Roscioli Rome

Roscioli started as a modest bakery in the heart of the city and has grown into one of Rome’s top food resources for bread, pizza, food and wine. It’s still a thrill to enter the main shop in Via dei Giubbonari, lined with fabulous salumi and cheeses, and work one’s way to the back where there are tables for lunch and dinner with great wines by the glass too: book ahead!

Armando al Pantheon

Armando al Pantheon

Armando al Pantheon

If you’re after really traditional Roman fare – from tripe to stuffed artichokes, amatriciana pasta and lamb’s intestines – you need look no further than this classic trattoria. It’s a Roman favourite, bang in the centre of town. The wine list is interesting too, thanks to the owner’s daughter, Fabiana Gargioli, who manages it.


Visit our vineyard and winery followed by an organic lunch paired with our wines

Palazzo Tronconi wine tour

Veraison and Harvesting Exciting Times at Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

The long days and nights of pruning, training, thinning as well as fulfilling our biodynamic promise to our land all becomes worthwhile. 
— Marco Marrocco, oenologist owner of Palazzo Tronconi
photos courtesy  Sarah Hoehn

photos courtesy Sarah Hoehn


These are exciting times in our vineyard, veraison is a French term that means the beginning of ripening, our red grapes begin to change colour from green to a deep purple and our white grapes change from green to golden globes of amber. Veraison signals the grape berries to become much more resistant to many grape diseases - a huge relief for us especially after losing a percentage of our crop this year to the worst frosts we have encountered Europe. The changing colour is also associated with the aroma change, and this in turn can attract grape eating pests such as the wild pigs who feasted on our grapes a couple of years ago! 


Most importantly veraision is the final stage in the growing process and signals that we have grapes to harvest and to make wine with! So all good. 

The long days and nights of pruning, training, thinning as well as fulfilling our biodynamic promise to our land all becomes worthwhile. 

So onto harvest, we have started taking juice samples from the grapes to analyse to see how the grapes are ripening and harvest of Malvasia Puntinata and Trebbiano could take place within two weeks. Friends families and some of our past guests at Palazzo Tronconi Hotel are invited back to to help with harvest. Sounds romantic but it's intense, hard work, all our grapes are handpicked and need to be picked quickly once they are fully ripe. 

It's a labour of love but so far it's been worth the blood sweat and tears! 


See you soon!




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Biodynamic Rules! Another year at RAW, thank you to RAW founder, Isabelle Legeron and and her fantastic team for bringing us, Artisan wine producers together and organising this great event. Again we met so many people, people who stopped to chat, people who just wanted to taste and people who share our passion for wine.

With the empty bottles many friends were made!