My Best Friends Wedding - An Unforgettable Vineyard Wedding in Italy

It was a huge honour when my best friend, Claudio asked if he could marry at Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard and it was a year ago today he tied the knot with his beautiful wife Alessia.

my best friends and me

my best friends and me

Building works at the new winery had almost been completed - all but the terrace, 24 hours before the wedding we were still laying the surface.

Despite this, I never underestimated the bride Alessia, ‘Le Chef Clochard’s’ ability to coordinate a visually stunning wedding, her attention to detail was flawless. Her natural styling suited the surroundings perfectly, understated elegance. As she floated around the guests in her sweeping vintage style gown with flowers in her hair, she well and truly belonged. As for my best friend Claudio to see the happiness in him made all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile!

Cocktails of Palazzo Tronconi biodynamic Vermouth were served up, hand made organic cheese was provided by Casa Lawrence and Chef Leonardo’s sundried tomatoes and courgettes from our kitchen garden drizzled with Palazzo Tronconi olive oil made for an appertising starter to a carefully selected menu of seasonal local organic ingredients.

We did it, we all tied the knot! For not only was it a celebration filled with joy and happiness, a declaration of love and commitment, it was also the christening of Palazzo Tronconi’s Winery and Restaurant. There are so many people to thank my friends and family and to to everyone who worked so hard to make the day happen, our head Chef Leonardo Grimaldi, the sous chefs, waitresses, bar staff, but most of all the greatest thanks to my best friends Claudio and Alessia, for putting their trust in me. 

Congratulations once again Mr and Mrs Conforti

love, peace and happiness 

I'll do it all over again, so if you want to get married on a vineyard contact me

Styling by and for more info contact Alessia Corrado Le Chef Clochard


Rediscovering Lazio Wines Naturally

10 Wine Producers, 10 Wines, 375 glasses


Lazio, a region that was once the jewel in viticulture has been reawakened by a new generation of biodynamic winemakers. 


Palazzo Tronconi Eco Winery was the backdrop to an evening dedicated to 10 Biodynamic wine producers from the Lazio region. The evening was hosted by one of Italy's most knowledgeable and passionate sommelier's, Sandro Sangiorgi he was assisted by Matteo Gallello, a biodynamic winemaking advocate.

Valuing their territory and the importance of their indigenous grape varieties these winemakers have teamed together to promote their shared vision, to produce a unique style of wines naturally that are focused on quality and that characterise this region.

Like many Italian wine regions, Lazio's wine heritage is ancient. It is a region composed of hills, and mountains and is uniquely suited to viticulture because of its mild climate, a rich and varied geological mix of soils of which volcanic soils are prominent, coastal breezes, adequate rainfall, variations in day-night temperatures and an abundance of rare, high-quality native grape varieties.

Soon these winemakers will find themselves on the radar, the world of wine is beginning to sit up and notice as they are on the brink of rediscovering the true potential of these wines and this territory.

Thanks to the following producers:

 Andrea Occipinti, Cantina Ribela, Carlo Noro, Damiano Ciolli, La Visciola, Palazzo Tronconi, Podere Orto, Riccardi Reale, DS Bio, Casale Certosa iCacciagalli

Also Thanks to Sandro Sangiiorgi and all the staff at Palazzo Tronconi who gave up their time to take part in this exciting event, Ettore Conti, Sarah Hoehn and Maria Teresa Cocco

Palazzo Tronconi Winery

Palazzo Tronconi Winery

Palazzo Tronconi's First Biodynamic Sparkling Wine


It seemed fitting that we should name our first sparkling wine 'Ancestrale' after the oldest natural method of sparkling wine production.

Sparkling wine was first produced using this ancient method almost 400 years ago by monks in the monastery of Sainte Hilaire in France. 

It is a technique that is very difficult to control and requires great skill to produce but at Palazzo Tronconi we are hoping for a very unique, natural aromatic wine. 


For the base wine we chose our unknown grape variety 'pampanaro', the hand picked grapes were harvested earlier than normal to preserve acidity. Part of the must was taken and refrigerated for six months. The remainder was left to complete the wine making process. 

In March we blended the two together here at our winery in Arce,  we bottled on the same day allowing the fermentation process to commence, trapping the CO2 in the bottle. 

Unlike other wine and champagne making methods, no sulphites, yeasts and sugars are added to the secondary fermentation. Using the ancestral method fermentation occurs in the bottle using up much of the remaining natural sugar and yeasts to produce a fresh, dryish and delicious biodynamic sparkling wine. 

We are hoping Ancestrale will be available in October to toast our 2017 harvest. In the meantime we have to allow nature to take it's course.