Italy’s Fiat 500

The World’s Most Charming Car

Fiat 500c in Palazzo Tronconi’s courtyard photo by  Lynette Michael

Fiat 500c in Palazzo Tronconi’s courtyard photo by Lynette Michael

In 1955, in the park of the Stupinigi Royal Hunting Lodge, just outside of Torino, Dante Giacosa unveiled an entire range of new Fiat models in plain view.  Among them was what would become a cult classic and national hero—the Fiat 500.  

The car was marketed as ‘The Second Best Shape in Italy’ and was only to be rivalled by the likes of Loren and Lollobrigida. The first Fiat 500 posters read, “If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched.” 


The 500’s fuel efficiency and chic Italian styling made the car desirable. The whole world wanted it. Full of personality from the the painted pressed metal wheels to its beautifully rounded lines, canvas roof, and recessed headlights, its design won Dante Giacosa the prestigious Golden Compass award in 1959.  

A little car that had a huge impact on the daily life of an entire generation, the Fiat 500 was about confidence and freedom.  It played a major role in bringing hope to war-torn Italy.  It meant access to better jobs, broader horizons, and a new life.  It made a promise of better times and it delivered


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Wine Tour and Lunch at our Vineyard, Winery and Restaurant Near Rome From €35

Only an hour away from Rome, escape the city for the stunning unspoiled countryside of Ciociaria

“Nature at it's finest, walking through the vines in the Italian sunshine, smelling the sweetness of the grapes is a beautiful experience, understanding from start to finish how our remarkable wine is produced. “

‘SUNSETS’ Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

‘SUNSETS’ Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

Wine Tour

We invite you on a journey to discover the flavour of our wines, our personalised wine tour will take you through the wine making process. You will start in the vineyard, where we will introduce you to our grape varieties, you will learn about the importance of soil, be shown how the vines are trained and the harvest of perfectly ripe grapes.

We will then take you to our eco winery, here we will show you the biodynamic wine-making process, how the fermentation process works before the finished product is bottled.

Organic 4 Course Lunch with Wine Pairing

Finally the most enjoyable part of the process, tasting the vineyard’s exquisite biodynamic wines paired with a four course organic lunch in Palazzo Tronconi's winery restaurant overlooking the vineyards

Prices from €35/person including Tour and Lunch.

Our Restaurant

Food Provenance at Palazzo Tronconi Restaurant

We are committed to sourcing the best quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, from responsible local producers who share our values.

Our Vineyard

At Palazzo Tronconi, we are committed to maintaining the biological integrity of our vineyards, we feel by following the biodynamic principles we maintain a balanced ecosystem, caring for the soil and native wildlife. In doing so we hope that our wines truly represent the soil and the climate in which our grapes our cultivated. 

With this in mind, when we commenced work on our new winery last year, we wanted to create a modern structure whilst remaining true to the ethos of biodynamic agriculture.

Our Winery

We wanted the new winery to have a strong relationship with the natural landscape. A holistic, eco approach in the design and implementation was required throughout the whole building process.

For us, it was important to create a contemporary winery, using innovative design and renewable materials. Adding energy efficient technology, including solar panels on the roof to help lower the carbon footprint of the building.

Durable European oak was sourced, responsibly grown but that also carries many natural benefits, including natural preservatives which protect against rot.


Winery Address


Location: Find us on google maps Localitá Tramonti, 03032 Arce FR, note because of our countryside location it is not advisable to use a navigator

Walking Holiday Italy

With rolling green hills, exquisite wines, a culinary culture and history that remains the envy of the region, the stunning landscapes of Ciociaria provide the perfect backdrop to Palazzo Tronconi walking holidays. 


Staying at our small, historic hotel in the medieval town of Arce, our English speaking experienced walking guides will take you off the beaten track allowing you to see the real Italy. On four walks you will discover breathtaking countryside, hidden hilltop villages and silent valleys, see age old customs and traditions combined with with historical landmarks.

Along your journeys sample delicious food at local mountain restaurants that serve up honest, hearty, traditional food.

This holiday is ideal for all ages it can be adapted for a more advanced walking group.

On the final day you will be invited to a personal tour of the hotel's vineyard and winery with Marco, winemaker and owner of Palazzo Tronconi.

Walking level from 1-5

Level 3 - medium (can be adapted accordingly)


€1,120 per person for a booking of two people

€1,000 per person for booking of 4 people or more

What this includes:

  • 6 days (5 nights) accommodationin our renovated historic 18th Century Boutique Hotel

  • Generous breakfasts including home baked traditional pastries and fresh Italian coffee. 

  • Lunches and dinners are included at our hotel, winery restaurant and other favourite restaurants *excludes drinks

  • Guided Walk 1 Cassino- Climb to Monte Cassino from the path of S. Scolastica, and walking through the area of Mount Calvario, visiting the obelisk, a monument dedicated to the Polish soldiers and the Polish cemetery. We will continue on to the exploded tank and at the Domek Doktora, where the injured were treated. A visit the Abbey of Montecassino the worlds most glorious abbey, which stands proud on the hill which dominates Cassino and the Gariglian valley. Finish the tour heading down the panoramic Via Di San Benedetto, admiring the Roman theater and the archaeological area of Cassino.

  • Guided Walk 2 to National Park of Abruzzo - Abruzzo is an area of unspoiled natural beauty that is fairly unknown to tourists. It's in the heart of the central Apennines between  Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise and its some 50,000 hectares are home to 25 towns. The great Appenine, peaks, a stunning mountain region of picturesque hilltop towns and silent valleys. We will enter at the National Park of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise, starting from the Abbey of Canneto, we will walk the lush Valle di Canneto, pausing at the waterfall where Pope Woytila was gathered in prayer and with a bit of luck we can spot natural wildlife that inhabit the park. 

  • Guided Walk 3 to the beautiful historic Arpino- characterised by ancient narrow alleys and historic buildings, this is a stunning starting point for the ascent to the village of Civitavecchia, surrounded by megalithic walls and accessible via a pointed arch. Walking between woods and streams we will descend in the gorge of Melfa, following the river to reach Roccasecca.

  • Guided Walk 4 Forca d'Acero in the National Park of Abruzzo - Departing from Forca d'Acero, a walk through the woods and clearings of Macchiarvana, arriving at the sanctuary of Monte Tranquillo. The scenery here is characterized by mountain chains, rivers and streams. It's the ideal place to spend a day in close contact with nature and to admire unpoluted landscapes, rich flora and varied fauna. Here a chance to spot certain species such as the Marsican brown bear (40 bears), golden eagle, Apennine wolf, deer, otter and chamois, have all found refuge and their habitat amongst these remote valleys and inaccessible mountains. A visit of the village of Pescasseroli. 

  • A personal wine tour of our Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard and Eco Winery and tasting with Owner and oenologist Marco Marrocco

  • A 5 Course Organic Lunch paired with the wines we produce at our Winery Restaurant  

  • Drop off and collection to all starting and finishing points of walks
    *Note flights are not included, closest airport is Rome, transfers from airport may be arranged 

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