Wine Tour and Lunch at our Vineyard, Winery and Restaurant Near Rome From €35

Only an hour away from Rome, escape the city for the stunning unspoiled countryside of Ciociaria

“Nature at it's finest, walking through the vines in the Italian sunshine, smelling the sweetness of the grapes is a beautiful experience, understanding from start to finish how our remarkable wine is produced. “

‘SUNSETS’ Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

‘SUNSETS’ Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard

Wine Tour

We invite you on a journey to discover the flavour of our wines, our personalised wine tour will take you through the wine making process. You will start in the vineyard, where we will introduce you to our grape varieties, you will learn about the importance of soil, be shown how the vines are trained and the harvest of perfectly ripe grapes.

We will then take you to our eco winery, here we will show you the biodynamic wine-making process, how the fermentation process works before the finished product is bottled.

Organic 4 Course Lunch with Wine Pairing

Finally the most enjoyable part of the process, tasting the vineyard’s exquisite biodynamic wines paired with a four course organic lunch in Palazzo Tronconi's winery restaurant overlooking the vineyards

Prices from €35/person including Tour and Lunch.

Our Restaurant

Food Provenance at Palazzo Tronconi Restaurant

We are committed to sourcing the best quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, from responsible local producers who share our values.

Our Vineyard

At Palazzo Tronconi, we are committed to maintaining the biological integrity of our vineyards, we feel by following the biodynamic principles we maintain a balanced ecosystem, caring for the soil and native wildlife. In doing so we hope that our wines truly represent the soil and the climate in which our grapes our cultivated. 

With this in mind, when we commenced work on our new winery last year, we wanted to create a modern structure whilst remaining true to the ethos of biodynamic agriculture.

Our Winery

We wanted the new winery to have a strong relationship with the natural landscape. A holistic, eco approach in the design and implementation was required throughout the whole building process.

For us, it was important to create a contemporary winery, using innovative design and renewable materials. Adding energy efficient technology, including solar panels on the roof to help lower the carbon footprint of the building.

Durable European oak was sourced, responsibly grown but that also carries many natural benefits, including natural preservatives which protect against rot.


Winery Address

Via Tramonti, 03032, Arce, Italy

Photographing A Vineyard - Exhibition by Marco Reali

At Palazzo Tronconi Winery Restaurant, we are delighted to be exhibiting a photographic exhibition by local photographer Marco Reali. 

Marco Reali Photographer
marco reali photography

Through the lens, Marco explores key events on our vineyard, capturing scenes that catalogue stages that vines go through throughout the year. From the first buds in spring to veraison when the grapes start to change colour. Glorious harvest then autumnal colours to leafless vines in the winter. Images of biodynamic farming are evocative of simple farming techniques of days gone by. Sweeping rural landscapes and portraits of the winemaker.

photographing a vineyard
photographing a vineyard
harvest on a vineyard
photographing a vineyard

Come along and enjoy the exhibition we are open for Apericena Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.30 or Sunday Lunch and a tour of our vineyard at 11.30.

for more info contact +39 0776 539678

Biodynamic Cocktail on Roof Terrace at Palazzo Tronconi Restaurant  photo S. Hoehn

Biodynamic Cocktail on Roof Terrace at Palazzo Tronconi Restaurant

photo S. Hoehn

Palazzo Tronconi Osteria

Pasta Making Class in Italy

Touring around  Europe in their VW Camper Van Jack and Alex from Cambridge, England found their way to Palazzo Tronconi and embarked on a Pasta Making Class with our brilliant Pasta Chef Milly! This is what they had to say...

"Palazzo Tronconi as exclusive as it gets let the magic begin...."

We had expected to be thrown into the deep end; making our first fresh pasta through learning by mistakes. However, this was not to be the case as chef Milly masterfully demonstrated the correct technique for creating several delicious pasta dishes. When it came to our turn, we were surprised just how tough the pasta dough was to knead - chef Milly has muscles!!

The room was filled with animated cookery conversations from start to finish, it was a great atmosphere to be in the company of such a passionate chef. Enjoying the fruits of our labour with Palazzo Tronconi's own wine and sharing it all around together was a wonderful way to  finish to the evening. 

A thoroughly enjoyable experience leaving us with plenty of ideas for the future!