Our holiday experiences allow you to discover fine biodynamic wines and delicious organic food in the most beautiful of landscapes. Within our 3,5 and 7 day holidays we also offer to take you to a choice of guided memorable trips to handpicked places of interest and beauty. Book an experience or create your own.


The Abbey of Casamari

Step back in time to the mesmerizing  sounds of gregorian chants in this gothic abbey. The Abbey was built to avoid distraction and ostentation but in it's simplicity the Abbey is a beautiful sight. Delicate columns, vaulted ceilings and a pretty cloistered courtyard. A truly memorable experience.

casamari Abbey
Abbey of Casamari


This ancient fishing village with stunning views over the azure, blue Tyrrhenian Sea is recognized as one of 'the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy.' The old town is full of charm and for exploring Beautiful beaches, clean sand and clear water. A great place for walking you will come across  the ruins of a Roman Villa and the Grotto of Tiberius. South of Rome it is Italy’s best-kept secret.


Artisan Bufalo Mozzarella Farm

Located in the countryside of Arce, on the banks of the stunning Liri, is an artisan cheese factory. A tour that has been specially designed to show the stages of production, including the breeding and grazing of dairy animals. Here you will be shown the production
process of dairy products, understanding the complexity of every stage following a traditional recipe. You will see the skill involved and the work of miracles to produce this delicious delicacy. Who would have thought you could learn how buffalo Mozzarella is made in a
morning? Followed by a tasting with a drizzle of local extra virgin olive oil and bread.

Abbey of Montecassino

Despite being destroyed in the Second World War by allied troops, the worlds most glorious abbey still stands proud on the hill which dominates Cassino and the Gariglian valley. Rebuilt after the war, to this day it remains the centre of historic culture in Italy.  St. Benedict founded the Abbey in 529AD on what was once a pagan site. Here he wrote the Benedictine rule that became the founding principle for Western Monasticism. Today visitors enjoy the glorious ornate interior, and spend hours walking around the courtyard and gardens, with beautiful white doves in the peace garden and spectacular views from the balcony. 

Monte Cassino Abbey

Monte Cassino Abbey


Casa Lawrence

A great place to visit especially for anyone who loves food, wine and literature, nestled in the Comino Valley between Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, it is one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Apennines.

Set in a stunning landscape the charming Villa named after its famous guest DH Lawrence who was so inspired by the landscape he completed his novel here. The owner also makes one of the best Pecorino cheeses in Italy and delicious cured meats to taste with a local variety of Cabernet wine. Casa Lawrence is truly a hidden gem and epitomises what our region is all about.

Today the house is owned by the Pacitti family have devoted almost 200 years to goat and sheep farming. Intrigued by the history of the house, they decided to open an agritourism taking inspiration for the interiors from details of Lawrence's novels.


Casa Lawrence

Comino Valley

DOP Cheese made at Casa Lawrence

Olivicola of Ernici

Italy is the second largest producer in the world of olive oil and here in Southern Lazio at the foot of the Ernici mountains, for centuries extra virgin olive has been produced. The cool and windy climate allows the cultivation of organic olive groves without pesticides.  In the beautiful medieval village of Vico nel Lazio surrounded by ancient high walls and groves we invite you to experience every step of olive oil production with a visit to an olive oil press, followed by a tasting session with an expert guide.



Dating back to the 7th Century BC, Arpino is an enchanting town, a well-kept secret but is a place that will provide a genuine Italian town experience for visitors. Set high in the hills between Rome and Naples, this picturesque town spreads out across a ridge near the Lazio-Abruzzo border, taking in cultural aspects from both regions. With interesting historical sights, traditions, and noteworthy cuisine. You'll find cobbled lanes, pretty piazzas, ancient ruins and a lively atmosphere. Lunch at our favourite restaurant, Il Ciclope, this rustic restaurant serves up delicious traditional cuisine of our region.we love it!

photos by Andrea Ollini