We have a small, friendly and dedicated team whose aim is to provide an excellent service to ensure you have a memorable experience here at Palazzo Tronconi.


MARCO MARROCCO - Oenologist and owner of Palazzo Tronconi 

Though, a fully qualified engineer, Marco has an AIS Diploma (The Association for Sommeliers in Italy), followed by a degree in Oenology. His years of study have taken him to the wine region of Bordeaux where he worked alongside the great Daniel Mouty, fourth generation vineyard owner of Chateau du Barry, Saint-Emilion, Grand Cru, Chateau Grand and Beauséjour Pomerol.

After buying land which once belonged to his grandfather and with the guidance of Gaetano Ciolfi, Professor of Enology and Simone Noro, son of horticulturist Carlo Noro, leading expert on biodynamics in Europe, Marco set to work to replant a new vineyard. The soul of the vineyard was reborn and with it a new chapter involving the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Marco re-discovered abandoned, ancient vines that were historically grown in Arce. Red grape - Lecinaro; white grape -Capolongo, Pampanaro and white Maturano. Also the red grape Maturano, still the subject of research at the centre of Enology along with the red grape Olivella.

The new vineyard Palazzo Tronconi was aptly named after the renowned medieval bourgeoise family from Arce. Marco had not only restored a family vineyard but with it some of the agricultural heritage that had once belonged to this historic village. 

In September 2014 Palazzo Tronconi produced it's first Vintage.

Palazzo Tronconi produces five wines, two Grappas and extra virgin olive oil.



With over 20 years experience Chef Leonardo has acquired a variety of skills and a commitment to quality from his kitchen. Using the finest ingredients he creates classic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Leonardo ensures that each dish is delivered with creative thought, beautiful presentation but without compromising on the flavours. He has worked alongside Michelin star Chefs Igles Corelli at The Locanda delle Tamarice and also Chef Salvatore Tassa at Colline Ciociare. He is currently Master chef for the cookery classes at Palazzo Tronconi Food and Wine holidays where he has wowed his students with his creations and earned excellent reviews.


Born and raised in Arce, Italy, Pierluigi is truly passionate about ‘his land’. It is not unusual to find him retelling tales that have been passed down generations and that capture the very essence of Arce and the surrounding towns. As your personal tour guide, Pierluigi will be on hand during the excursions to accompany you to the most beautiful and historic places we have chosen and to enrich your holiday experience here at Palazzo Tronconi.



Maria Teresa has travelled the world and lived in Mongolia for a while, with us for three years she has finally planted her roots here at Palazzo Tronconi. She ensures our customers have everything they require for the best possible stay. 


With many years experience working within the creative industry, from publishing to interior design, it was no surprise that her passion for biodynamic wine would bring her to us. Emily organises events and joint promotions for us with like minded people.