Wine Tasting and Tours Italy

"Walking through the vines in the Italian sunshine, smelling the sweetness of the grapes, it was the most beautiful experience, understanding from start to finish how this remarkable wine is produced. Thank you Marco for showing us the alternatives." Victoria and Mark, Bath, England  

wine holiday italy

Our personalised wine tour will take you through the wine making process. You will start in the vineyard, where you will learn about the importance of soil, be shown how the vines are trained and the harvest of perfectly ripe grapes.

wine tour italy

We will then take you to our eco winery. Here we will show you the biodynamic wine-making process, how the fermentation process works before the finished product is bottled. 

wine tasting in Italy

Back at Palazzo Tronconi's winery restaurant, the most enjoyable part of the process, tasting the vineyard’s exquisite wines.