Winery Restaurant

Arce FR Italy

Taste our exquisite biodynamic wines paired with a four course organic lunch in Palazzo Tronconi's winery restaurant overlooking the vineyards.

Prices from €35/person including a tour of our vineyard and winery with lunch.


Food Provenance at Palazzo Tronconi Restaurant

We are committed to sourcing the best quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, from responsible local producers from our region who share our values.

The wines we produce are Biodynamic, Demeter certified, chemicals are banned from both the vineyard and the cellar. We also produce two types of Grappas, a Vermouth, a Raisin wine and two sparkling wines. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, always from indigenous olive varieties is a firm favourite at our tables. We have an apiary that provides us with a high quality, biodynamic Acacia honey and our kitchen garden which is also kept to the biodynamic principles, serves our hotel and restaurant with fresh ‘home grown’ produce.

We offer a seasonal menu of traditional local cuisine

Please note we offer a vegetarian and vegan menu upon request

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Sample Seasonal Menu

Antipasti Selection 

A perfect appetiser of a high quality Pecorino Cheese, aged for 10 years from a historic cheesemaker of Amatrice

Artisan Buffalo mozzarella made from 100% buffalo milk to provide a silky, soft texture and a delicate creamy flavour from the producer  "Valle del Liri"

Organic free range, cured, black pig  sausage from Caserta, made with the finest meat using age old traditions. 

Freshly baked, grilled bruschetta with organic extra virgin olive oil using Itrana and Carboncella olive varieties. 

A Selection of grilled sweet and sour, freshly picked biodynamic vegetables from Palazzo Tronconi’s own farm

A variety of culinary specials prepared by our chef

Wine-pairing  Fatia 2016 

A fruity and floral full bodied wine from our ancient vines Malvasia puntinata and Trebbiano 

First Course

Chefs hand made gnocchi served with a rich and hearty organic ragu sauce.


Chefs hand made fettuccine pasta made with eggs from the famed “Ancona” heritage bred chicken and a creamy porcini mushroom sauce

Wine-pairing Fregellae 2016 :  a full bodied, intense fruity and floral perfume with spicy and citrus notes from our Maturano, Capolongo and Pampanaro vines

Main Course

Organic, Free-range chicken stewed with sweet D.O.P bell peppers from Pontecorvo

Tender and hearty organically bred Buffalo stew from the “Fattoria Lauretti” farm in Amaseno served with pumkin, rosemary and white wine.

Wine-pairing  Zitore 2016

Full bodied and harmonious with an intense perfume of dried plums with spicy notes of black pepper, chocolate and vanilla from our Lecinaro vines 


All our desserts are hand made using the best seasonal, organic ingredients. 

Grappas: “Uaiddiaof Fregellae and “Uaiddia”of Zitore made from the biodynamic grape-marc distilled locally in Arce and biodynamic Vermouth: “Augusto”

PRICE € 35,00 (antipasti, choice of first and second  course, dessert, water, wines and grappa or vermouth)

PRICE € 30,00  with a selection from our ‘à la carte’ wine list

Food Provenance 

We are committed to sourcing the best-quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, from responsible local producers. The flour is Farine Bio from the worldwide reknowned Azienda “Polselli S.P.A.”


Location: Find us on google maps Localitá Tramonti, 03032 Arce FR, note because of our countryside location it is not advisable to use a navigator